Join the most provocative conversations in global development, led by experts in global development. Deliberate over the relevant topics in today's global development community. Debates are intentionally polarized to provide you with a spectrum of views to consider as we prepare them for the complexity of careers in social impact. Through the course of the debate, the Moderator provides background, draws out the Experts’ polarized opinions, and gives you and peers space to reflect in both small break-out groups and as a whole group, and provides a format for exploring nuanced perspectives.



Global North vs. Global South

Does real change come from historically dominant populations or from the demands and agency of marginalized populations? How can the Global North help given their histories of colonialism and institutionalized oppression? How can the Global South lead their own path in a system of both successful and failed aid? What successes and agency do both sides ignore? Who can and will really change the world given past, current, and potential power dynamics?

philanthropy vs. justice

In what sector should we work to make the most positive changes in all people’s lives? Is the nonprofit sector a bandaid for governments’ true responsibilities, a distraction for helping professionals, or the only option to provide services circumventing corruption? Are the private sector’s profit demands the source of exacerbating inequality or the best way to improve standards of living? Does the public sector hold enterprising citizens back from adding value to their communities or can they provide a platform for innovation? What does it mean to work towards justice?

Inclusion vs. Security in Combating Violent Extremism

Does diplomacy show weakness if extremists only understand strength or does a military response propagate a desperation that only leads to more violence? Should we lean in to learn more about communities struggling with violence or should we distance ourselves for our safety? Does welcoming victims of violence, such as refugees, represent threats or opportunities to our communities? How do we promote peace in both the short and long term?