Forum: What is the Global Development Sector?

Tuesday August 2, 1:15-3:15pm
Blackburn Center Digital Auditorium

Know you want to make a difference in the global development sector, but not sure where or how? Leading professionals from the Foreign Service, USAID, ONE Campus, END7, and HP will be sharing their reflections and insights on what it means to pursue a career in diplomacy, humanitarianism and aid, advocacy and lobbying, non-profit work, and corporate social responsibility.


Debate: Global North vs. Global South

Wednesday August 3, 1:15-3:30pm
Blackburn Center Digital Auditorium

Who should be responsible for leading global development? The Global North, who are historically responsible for colonialism and hold disproportionate resources and wealth, which they are responsible to rectify and redistribute? Or the Global South, who can lead based on their own needs and vision for development?

Moderator: Lauren Greubel, USAID


  • Global South:

  • Global North:

    • Jeyhun Valiyev, Atlas Corps Fellow, Youth For Understanding

    • Robert Groelsema, Catholic Relief Services


Debate: Aid vs. Justice

Thursday August 3, 1:15-3:15pm
School of Business Auditorium (2nd Floor)

Where should we be focusing our energies: addressing needs that must be met now to live healthy, thriving lives, through aid? Or working to change the systems that create these needs through justice?


Moderator: Jan Piercy, Eclude