We understand the financial constraints conference fees may pose, and wish to make MCC16 as accessible as possible. Below are some suggestions for fundraising.

University Funding

Many universities offer travel funding or scholarships for students going to conferences! We suggest you reach out to the following university departments to see if any financial support is available:

  • Department of Academic Services (especially if they have a specific grant/fellowship section)

  • Department of Financial Services
  • Department of Community Service 
  • Any specific academic departments that grant conference funding

Find a sponsor

Reach out to organizations like university associations (eg. sororities and fraternities), church groups, and alumni networks that you are personally connected to and involved with. Your proposal should include your background, conference costs, and reasons for attending MCC16. It is also helpful to communicate any past and current fundraising efforts when approaching a potential sponsor.

Use a crowdfunding site

Crowdfunding is a fundraising tool where money for projects is raised by numerous people each giving small, individual contributions. By presenting a compelling message with visual media, members of crowdfunding communities are more likely to help you reach your fundraising goals. Take advantage of your social media networks to spread the word about your crowdfunding campaign.

Links to crowdfunding sites:







Offer your services

Pinpoint the skills and services you can offer in your community. For example: tutoring, car washing, teaching music lessons, babysitting, etc.

Hold an event

Organizing events such as open mic nights, dance-a-thons, and concerts are great ways for student groups to earn money through ticket sales without extensive planning and resources. Collaborating with an existing event to sell baked or crafted goods is very feasible and effective for group fundraising as well.

Partner with a business

Many restaurants offer fundraising opportunities for student organizations through one-time events or coupon sales. Visit your local businesses and visit this link for a list of restaurants with fundraising programs.

For more information

Check out The Friendship Ambassadors Foundation's comprehensive guide to funding travel expenses, which includes sample letters and other great tips.