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Use your voice, change the world: From charity to justice ▽

Charity, direct service, and awareness are important parts of making the world a better place. But advocacy and activism are often left out of the picture. Grassroots advocacy is a hugely effective way to make real, long-term change on an issue you care about. By writing a handwritten letter or tweeting at your U.S. Representative, you can help empower literally millions of lives.
In this workshop, we’ll share “the 4 P’s”: ONE’s secret sauce for fighting global poverty and preventable disease. Following ONE’s advocacy journey to pass the Electrify Africa Act, we’ll discuss what advocacy is, which types of advocacy actions are most likely to impact U.S. legislation, and how your student organization can start engaging in advocacy right away in order to have a bigger impact.

Fady Tawadrous, Manager for College Organizing and Jen Fraser, Director for College Organizing at the ONE Campaign

Find Funding on Campus ▽

Have an event you want to run on campus, a speaker you want to bring in, or a club you want to start? Most change making ideas require funding, and most college and university campuses have funding to give, if you know where to look. During this session, explore some traditional and not-so-traditional ways to seek funding on your campus. Come in with your event, club, or Change idea that needs funding and leave with a plan you can carry out the moment you arrive back on campus in the Fall!

Lissa Piercy of Strength of Doves

How to think like an organizer ▽

Gordon Wong and Maddy Vonhoff, Managers for College Organizing at the ONE Campaign

Beef up your leadership skills! If you’re a student leader on your campus, then you’re an organizer. In this workshop, learn what grassroots organizing is and how you can do it more effectively in order to build a social movement on your campus for the issues you care about. We’ll practice several tried and true campaigning and organizing tactics such as power-mapping, relationship building, story-telling, goal-setting, and the art of the “one on one”.

Information session: Leadership opportunities with the ONE Campaign ▽

Presented by the ONE Campaign’s college organizing staff

ONE is a campaigning and advocacy organization of more than seven million people around the world taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. In 2007, ONE launched the ONE Campus program to propel this group into action and mobilize college students in the fight against extreme poverty. ONE Campus strives to combine the crucial elements of advocacy campaigns with the energy and activism unique to the college experience. Students apply to become a ONE Campus Leader and start/lead their school’s ONE chapter to take meaningful advocacy actions that urge political leaders to support programs that are saving lives and creating sustainable futures in the developing world every day. ONE provides ONE Campus Leaders with campaign direction, materials, coaching, leadership training, and exclusive opportunities such as a spot at ONE’s annual leadership conference, the ONE Power Summit in Washington DC. Come learn more about ONE’s work and this unique leadership opportunity!

Other Shoes ▽

Tory Dietel

Join Tory Dietel Hopps as she guides participants through an engaging and enlightening grantmaking exercise. Participants will role play the parts of funders and grant applicants. This session will help you to better understand potential barriers, whether perceived or real, that get in the way of partnerships between funders and nonprofits. We promise you will laugh and leave with tools and suggestions.

Networking: From Dorm Rooms to the White House ▽

Join the MCN's Executive Director Sam Vaghar for an interactive discussion on networking to jumpstart and advance your social impact career. Sam will share intimate stories of how he co-founded MCN in dorm rooms, raised seed funding from the United Nations, and met with President Obama in the White House to share progress. He will unpack advice and learnings from a decade of experience in this sector and equip you with specific tools and tactics to deepen relationships with prospective employers and partners.
Sam Vaghar

How to make a living and and change the world or change the world while making a living ▽

In this highly interactive and practical session we will explore the wide range of career options for individuals seeking a high impact social change career. We will discuss the pros and cons of particular sectors ranging from government, nonprofit, startups, foundations and more. In addition we will highlight strategies for advancing a career path from the ordinary to unusual. Participants will leave with a range of tools and resources to aid them in their next steps and future career development.
Dr. Craig Zelizer CEO/Founder of PCDN Network

The Importance of Open Conversation in Crossing Cultural Barriers ▽

Learn to go beyond small talk in this highly participatory session. Develop and practice the necessary skills to have deep, honest conversations with people from around the world.Through the use of case studies, discussions, and introspection, you will leave with an understanding of cultural competence and how that can be used to uncover underlying problems in a community and develop more effective interventions.
by Adrianna Evans

Ending Poverty Porn: The Art of Ethical Storytelling ▽

What is Poverty Porn? It comes in all shapes and sizes, and even though its facade changes its harmful messaging stays the same. You may not even know you’re consuming it. . . or worse, producing it. Mama Hope, the leaders of the Stop the Pity movement, will expose the underlying formula of Poverty Porn so that when you begin your work in development and advocacy you can avoid the traps of negative stereotyping and the Western savior complex. They’ll walk you through how to create beautiful and meaningful marketing for your cause that will inspire, empower and connect people across geographical distance, age, culture, gender and religion. They will teach you how to create media that amplifies the voices of the people you serve. Mama Hope launched the Stop the Pity campaign in 2011. Their videos have had viral success, most recently with “African Men. Hollywood Stereotypes” receiving over 7.7M views and tens of thousands of shares in under two weeks. Will you join us in revolutionizing marketing across the globe? Let’s change the conversation, today!
Mama Hope's Amy Vaninetti and Katrina Boratko

Discover your 'Why' in fundraising▽

Mama Hope believes that in order to make a meaningful and productive global impact, one must first have an introspective understanding of their core values and mission. This workshop was designed to help participants find their “why” so they can communicate their greater purpose and passion and connect more deeply with project partners, funders and the work itself. By the end of this workshop you will have the practical tools needed to jumpstart a fundraising campaign and further a cause you care about in an engaging and authentic way.
Mama Hope's Amy Vaninetti and Katrina Boratko

Hiring and Team Building▽

David has managed people for diverse companies during his 37 year international career. He will share his lessons learned about building teams, hiring people, motivating and training them and helping people figure out what they're best at. He will provide an update on how the global social enterprise industry is developing and will lead the group in an individual exercise to understand each person's strongest professional skills and the types of opportunities these might connect to. Students will leave knowing some of the different approaches that organizations have for hiring and building teams and should begin to think about their own best professional skills and the type of activities they enjoy doing most.
David Kyle

Danger of a Single Story▽

Learn to change perspectives on a topic and make it relevant to people that might be outside your scope of interest. Be sure to avoid the "danger of a single story"! Hosted by Emily Nocito, 10 by 2020 founder.
Emily Nocito

Proving Them Wrong- Media Impact and Mental Health▽

The media is a powerful tool to disperse impactful messages and it is critical to learn how to effectively communicate delicate topics and direct them in a manner that connects with the target audience and brings about change. Different media appeals to different masses and we can learn to turn a sensitive subject into a message of hope that inspires and empowers individuals. This is why it is important to explore the endless possibilities that the media offers. We will be providing basic knowledge to spread awareness and support mental health in order to help eliminate the stigma and misconceptions about mental illness, as well to help prevent its devastating effects and distress. Students will learn how to use media to create social impact. They will be leaving the session empowered with skills and information about mental health to be able to be proactive on this subject and be an asset for awareness and support.
Nurse Lulu Team with Alexander Star

Working for an NGO in a Developing Country: Landmines and Lessons Learned▽

The material for this session comes over 70 university undergraduate and graduate student interns and indigenous host organizations from the frontlines in over 40 developing countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. The lessons learned come from seven years of operating the Ambassador Corps International Internship Program at two different universities. It will provide a behind-the-scenes look, no holds barred, at real life experiences actually documented from both the student and NGO perspectives: what worked, what didn’t and why. The session will be highly inter-active and totally kickass with no question going unanswered. (see attachment that gives a preview of some of the content).
Jerry Hildebrand from the Center for Social Impact Learning

From Netflix to Networking: How to turn your little idea into a global movement▽

You know that idea that's been brewing in your head? It wakes you up in the morning and stops you from sleeping at night. What if you could make it happen? Whether it's creating equal access to education or diminishing the stigma against mental illness, we have a spoiler alert: you can. This incredibly interactive and award-winning session will give you the tools to turn your passion into a profession, make your idea unique enough to invest in and network with the Big Leagues all while living the college life. The Validation Project works with 6000+ youth in 105 countries, giving them the skills and support to solve global issues. Join CEO Valerie Weisler and learn how to make your little idea into a global movement.
Valerie Weisler from The Validation Project

Discussing and Measuring Social Impact▽

Behind every Social Project, or Social Business, more than any other result, there is a wish to achieve a positive impact in society - a social impact. In this workshop, students will be encouraged to discuss and reflect on different perspectives about social impact, and will learn a few tools to measure the results of their social organizations.
Alanna Sousa, Atlas Corps and Liter of Light USA)

Art's Place in Social Change: It starts with community - Flatline Poetry▽

MCC's first ever "Artist Track" kicks off with this session on how to combine your creative passions with your impact and social change work. We will focus on ways the arts can create community, and review some best practices for using the arts (and open mics!) to unite your community in creating change. Come ready to share, and leave with concrete ideas for combining your artistic practice and your impact work back home!
Flatline Poetry

Global Health, Local Action, PART 1 Of END7 Workshop ▽

Global health is an issue that affects every corner of the world – with opportunities to effect change right in your own community. In this two-part workshop, you’ll get an overview of the major global health challenges and how to address them through compelling communication, high-impact advocacy, effective fundraising, and successful partnerships through the case study of the END7 campaign’s fight against neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).
END7 Emily Conron

Investing in Partnerships, PART 2 of END7 Workshop▽

To make change in global health, you need to know how to communicate complex issues to a diverse audience – including the policymakers who have the power to affect policy and funding on a national and international scale. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to tailor a message and use new tools to spread it, identify opportunities for grassroots advocacy on issues you care about, build a constituency that can mobilize for action, and maximize your strength to achieve meaningful victories through partnership. Emily Conron, student outreach coordinator for the END7 campaign, and END7 student leaders from around the world will share tips and lead activities to help become effective global health communicators and advocates.
END7 Emily Conron

Art's Place in Social Change: It starts with community▽

MCC's first ever "Artist Track" kicks off with this session on how to combine your creative passions with your impact and social change work. We will focus on ways the arts can create community, and review some best practices for using the arts (and open mics!) to unite your community in creating change. Come ready to share, and leave with concrete ideas for combining your artistic practice and your impact work back home!
Lyssa Piercy from Flatline Poetry and Strength of Doves

Applying the Active Citizen Continuum in Student Leadership▽

This workshop will cover what it means to be an active citizen in your community, teach you about the continuum of citizenship, and allow you to reflect on your role in society as a socially responsible leader. This workshop will examine the active citizen continuum as a life-long process, across a variety of social issues participants are passionate about, such as global health, the sustainable development goals, climate change, and international peacekeeping. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their own active citizenship story and set goals for how they would like to continue to evolve in their journey in college, UNA-USA, and beyond.
Anna Mahalak

Sustainable Models of Disaster Relief▽

When we think about natural disasters we know it doesn’t distinguish between religion, gender or socioeconomic status. A natural disaster can occur everywhere and anytime. There is a primary international protocol of response, but there is not a long-term intervention protocol. Think for a moment: what happens next? What happens to those countries that were not even prepared before the natural disaster, where the health care system was weak and insufficient? During this session you will learn the real situation of one of the affected countries, you will propose and design an international healthcare protocol of long-term intervention post-disaster relief, and you will come up with sustainable solutions for raising funds towards long-term rehabilitation for people affected by disasters.
Elisabeth Ann Bahr and Nohora Marie Guzman